Thank you for visiting Nova DJ Services! I started Nova DJ Services in 2002 at the ripe age of 13. I had no business experience, and I hadn't even had my first "real" job yet. All I knew was that although I loved going to my school dances, my friends and I did not like the DJs. They didn't play music my friends and I wanted to hear, they talked too much over the music and their equipment failed. With all that in mind, I set out to be a fresh change in the area.

With guidance from a couple friends, and one of my sisters who, at the time, was a DJ and Promotions Manager for a radio station in Providence, RI, I started Nova Music DJ Services. With a few dollars I had saved up, and being a part of a youth group, I started DJing dances for small gatherings, and fell in love with it.

I adopted a philosophy with my company that the client comes first. It sounds bland and a lot of companies claim it, but I know I stand separate and apart from the rest. I still get excited, 15 years later, of each and every event I DJ. Meeting the people, the guests, the coordinators is a big part of the experience that Nova DJ Services puts the finishing touch on. Without the client, there is no show. With that in mind, I sit down with all of my clients and tailor the music to the event I'm DJing.

I look forward to speaking with you. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.